Rob here


Mar 23, 2014
I am reposting this from the home opener tickets thread because this is probably more where it belongs:

So I think I'm going to be a NYCFC fan. I am from the Washington, DC area so I am a casual fan of DC United and the Nationals, but my family is from Queens and I have been a Mets fan my whole life (don't mind the Yankees partnership though). I love soccer and I follow a couple European teams and the Dutch National team (I'm a dual citizen) so I think NYCFC is for me. I'm excited for the MCFC involvement and what it will add to the MLS! Cheers
Hey Rob! Great to have you here buddy. Hope to see you around the forums. I find it difficult keeping up with MCFC and Croatia/Bosnia at all times so I cant imagine the dedication you have lol.
I support Croatia more. Most Croats in Bosnia do but I still support Bosnian national team. My family had mixed heritage. Mom side Croat and dad Serb and we even have some family member who are Muslim as well.