Ronaldinho Possible Mls Move

Orlando will probably nab him. Kaka-Ronaldinho-Robinho could be fun to watch when they're all healthy. Which may not be too often to be honest.
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He really is finished, just like Robinho, im glad we dont have those two on our books. Kaka might have some left in the tank, very bad purchases of Orlando. They only went for names not football ability what so ever.
Would love him to play for NYCFC, in fact if we didn't have such a large squad I'd have him in Manchester.

FYI, Ferran and Txiki where the two who brought Ronny to Barcelona, I could deffo see him coming to NYCNYC
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I'd love for a dedicated Ronaldinho to play for NYCFC, but it's naive to think that that's what we'd get, unfortunately. NYC would get to him. The nightlife etc....too tempting. He's one of my favorite players ever and it goes without saying that he's one of the best to ever grace a pitch but I see him more as a possible liability to a new franchise such as ours that has to build chemistry from scratch.
just to throw what I know, and as I saw Boca Juniors come up in that article:
No there is not enough money to pay for Dinho in Boca juniors. unless he's willing to take a huge pay cut to play in a legendary stadium :p

As far as I can tell that is a rehashed story of a rehashed story. They may very well be in talks but the sources used there are fairly old (of course, "old" is relative in this scenario).

After thinking it over—and reading comments in response to my original question in the other thread—I do not want Ronaldinho at NYCFC. He may still have something to offer but I believe the ROI from such an investment of wages and resources would be ultimately low.
I read in the Orlando Sentinel that Ronaldinho was not coming to MLS. Not just Orlando FC, but not MLS at all.
I would like to see a bigger signing for our 3rd DP, I don't think Ronaldinho could really help that much. I do want to see the 3rd DP being a defender.