What Are Your Thoughts On This?


Jan 2, 2015
I saw Tom mention about clubs generally not being interested in fans opinions. As a general rider it holds but they will change stuff if it suits or there is good coverage to be gained from it.

This however, for me, it absolutely shocking. How is it justified? Not just $70 to watch a fourth level team, Cambridge, usually tickets are halved ($20 to $30) so fans of both teams will go, but then a ban for the next match, a match the club has already taken money for. IF they sell your ticket for the Sunderland match you can apply for a refund at the end of the season.


Thoughts please.
Closest analogy in the US is that many teams force season ticket holders to buy preseason exhibition games. For example NFL season tickets usually include the 8 regular home games plus 2 mandatory exhibition contests. But the teams here simplify it by just including it in the package. There's no obligation to buy extra tickets; they are just included in the package price. It's not necessarily better but it is simpler and avoids the issue of having to possibly punish customers for not buying something they don't want.
I guess ManU doesn't do this because it cannot know how many home cup games it will have, but I think in the US they would handle it one of two ways: (1) charge you the full amount for the maximum number of possible games and issue refunds for unused tickets long after the season is over, or just a credit towards next years' package; or (2) keep your credit card payment info on file and automatically charge you whenever a home game was confirmed.
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Thanks for the reply.
I guess things are different. The first idea would be difficult as a team could only guarantee 19 PL fixtures and 3 Chimps League, whereas the maximum is 19 PL, 5 League Cup, 4 FA Cup and 6 Chimps League. That is some jump and not feasible. It is practically an extra half season.
The second idea is more reasonable but to take money automatically out of your account seems a little sinister to me, particularly as they don't know if you can make the match. It is not like an auto subscription for a magazine where you know you will read it.
I guess i am happy to stick with the current system whereby we let the ticket office know, they then take the money out. If all tickets are not gone 10 days prior to the match they go to those in the membership who want them and 2 days later open sale.