Yaya Will Leave Mcfc For Nycfc

I have this on very good authority via Abu Dhabi, that when his career at City is over he will move directly to NYCFC. His current contract ends in 2017, so whether that means then or slightly earlier and NYCFC buy him from City, I know not.

Some here may dispute this but that's your choice; I am merely passing the information over to you guys and gals, to discuss/dismiss/get excited about.
Considering the number of people claiming MCFC are looking to offload him in 2015 for as high a price as they can get, I'm sceptical.
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He's a good player.... I would take him in a heartbeat, unless some here think we should deny a high quality MLS player so we don't look like a minor league affiliate of MCFC? Its just football, if we have the opportunity to get a good player, whether from MCFC or any other club you should look into it.
I'd take him, but only if he's still able to contribute (which let's face it, even after his EPL career ends probably won't be an issue) MLS/NYCFC were able to beat any other offers. If other clubs are still interested and CFG shuffles him over to us for a song I'd take issue with it, though I doubt FFP would allow them to just shuffle players like that.
Great player, but I'm not sure he'll even see out his MCFC contract. Let alone stay with CFG at the end of it.
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Those of you who are suddenly gripped with a bout of inferiority complex, please stop it.

You do not have a full squad
You do not have a team
You do not have a home stadium
You have done nothing

One must start somewhere, and whether this turns out to be true or not, the fact that this is now out there, and will build momentum is great for the club.

Yaya possibly at NYCFC? And some are moaning? Are you kidding me?
Some of you are trying to run before you are crawling, let alone walking. These things take time, and sometimes sacrifices must be made to get to a steady jog.
Pass-offs? Hand me downs? If I were you I would rip not just their right arm off, but all appendages. This does not make you weak, this does not make you inferior. I do not recall this reaction when Villa signed (which will be his last pay day).
Depending on when exactly he would come Yaya would be a massive signing. A year ago he was touted as one of the best players in the world in his position. Don't let this year's bad form and the birthday tantrum make people forget how great he could be for NYCFC.