Andrew Jacobson 5th Player

FC Dallas midfielder Andrew Jacobson has signed with NYCFC for a 2016 3rd round SuperDraft pick
The Dallas twitter folks are saying this is a cap clearing move (200k apparently-which is something we should talk about). They're second in allocation order, which I think now is Columbus, FC Dallas, and LA Galaxy. Sounds like they're fighting over someone coming in, though whether Jones or Mix I don't know.
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Decent defensive midfielder, will get a tackle in, can keep things ticking over. His height could be a factor from set pieces. Another shrewd move.
Honestly not too familiar with him as I haven't watched very many FC Dallas matches. What's interesting is that they were able to loan him out to Staebak where Bob Bradley is going to be managing.
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Honestly don't know a thing about the man. FWIW, I checked out the article on mls soccer dot com and so far the comments are leaning towards we stole this guy from FC Dallas. ymmv
He makes 200k in salary. So it was a salary dump for FCD, who also happen to have the first spot in the allocation order. LA just traded Opare and a 2nd rounder to DC for their allocation spot (2nd) as well. Something is brewing.
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Easy to see that NYCFC aren't interested in the 2016 draft. They're looking to have an established cast of players by then. Using that draft to bring in talent now.
Kreis made a comment somewhere that the draft and or allocation spots are all we have to trade with right now. The restriction in MLS on foreign born players lessens the impact Man City's international scouting can have for us.
The superdraft is getting worse and worse every year. And as teams start to build better academies teams it will just become more and more irrelevant. So I'm fine with trading these away for MLS experienced players. Especially for a third round pick.

I wonder if we'll see him and Lampard together in a double pivot.
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I think if we play a 4-4-2 he'll be the holding mid behind Lampard in the diamond