Greetings, Friends!


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Apr 4, 2014
Bronx, NY
Hey guys I'm Ray.

I started dating this girl around 2008. She was a Chelsea FC fan. Soccer was a distant word for me back then. I started paying attention.

2010 came around, I became a huge USA supporter through their World Cup run.

Since then I've become a fanatic of all things football/soccer. I could not be more delighted to have a team within reach of the real New Yorkers.

It's going to be a blast.
Glad to have you here Ray! This community is growing fast, we're happy you can be a part of it. Where are you from?
Welcome Ray,
Looks like we have a great team to support. They've been amazing with connecting to fans so early on.
Blast.. Now you got me trying to remember the lyrics to "Chelsea girl" :D