Lets Do The Poznań !!!!!


Apr 13, 2014
Those who don't know what The Poznań is, it is a form of celebrating by linking backwords, arms around shoulders. I understand Manchester City do the Pozan, by why can't we? No other MLS group does this and it would be awesome to do!!! Besides Man City adopted this back in 2010 when they played my Polish side club Lech Pozan back in 2010. So lets do
The Poznań!!!!!!
many are against it because its something city do. a lot of our supporters support other premier league teams
I think saying we shouldn't do x because MCFC does x is silly, just as it would be silly to say we should do y because MCFC does y. NYCFC fans should look at the EPL and other leagues and borrow whatever they think would be fun and would contribute to a unique MLS identity.
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