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Mar 19, 2014
Traditionally, links to other related websites (in this case it is FBSG and MCFC forum, though I am sure more are to come) are listed in a sidebar as opposed to among the in-site boards/threads. Makes sense, especially because you will likely have many more websites you form a relationship with and do not want to clutter your site with external links. Unless of course they are paying for advertising.
The Facebook group link is there because we as fans should want people to join them and help create an atmosphere at the stadium. As far as the MCFC link is concerned it's to help US. They did the same for us except on a link page (which I haven't made yet for us so I went with that). They're a HUGE site and it helps both of us with google rankings and moves us up the search results and one step closer to the first page of google for NYCFC searches which will give us that much more exposure.
I'll work on a link section but the SG one is staying until we have a section of the site for them specifically.
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