Jun 2, 2014
Does anyone know where I could get the shirt that looks like the subway tiles spelling out NYCFC in a horizontal bar across the front of the shirt? I saw someone on the subway wearing one the other day...

Any other news on additional merchandise for the Third Rail or any stores in NYC carrying stuff we can't get online on the official NYCFC website? I live near Upper 90 but they don't have much yet...

Thanks everyone for any insight!
thank you! i just think the subway tiles are so iconic and i actually prefer that design for a t-shirt rather than the subway token logo, which will most likely be on the jersey, right?
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FYI - I purchased the subway tile shirt at the Adidas store in Soho. That was about 10 days ago, but they probably still have some in stock.
If anyone is looking for the Track Jackets in the city, Adidas Soho has them in stock


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I've seen a couple people on twitter complain that shipping to the uk was $99. They gotta do something about that.
Dicks Sporting Goods website has two track jackets and a golf polo that aren't on the official website. They all look really nice