Attending the NYCFC v Toronto FC Game


Jul 17, 2020
The other night NYCFC were gracious enough to host us at Rentschler Stadium. Beyond allowing us in the press box, they did us all one better and won the game too! This was the first time we've ever been able to do anything like this and we look forward to getting out to more games in the future. Huge props to NYCFC for always being active in their community and giving back with opportunities like this. Fingers crossed that we can push for the 4th seed and get a home playoff game.

Here's our new episode recapping everything from the night:

Would appreciate any love shown, this felt like one of better episodes in the short time that we've been recording. We appreciate any love or support & enjoy having dialog with other fans about the club wherever we can. Whether it's on this post, on our twitter, or in the YouTube comments.

If you're into audio-only content you can also find us here:

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