Nick Chavez's rebuttal to Wassink's "NYCFC Plastic Fans/Franchise" piece

Hey guys, my rebuttal to Zac Wassink's piece is here to read. Hope you guys enjoy it!:

An excerpt: "Nice try, sports fans. This is clearly a “fake outrage” strategy from rival club fans with an agenda to try to put off potential New York City FC fans. It’s a desperate attempt by insecure fans that fear for the future relevance of their team.

It reeks of someone who’s getting the sinking feeling that he bet on the wrong horse for so many years, only, as he fears, to be brushed aside for the seemingly more ambitious New York City Football Club. Why else would one be so bitter and on the offensive regarding a club that has yet to sign a single player?

If NYCFC fans are “plastic” (which, by the way, is such a mindless statement that you have to chalk it up to trolling), then I identify the many within the opposing side as “paper fans.” How fragile must you be? How little faith must you have in RBNY, and what makes it special, that your first and constant instinct is to attack the nascent NYCFC and those who are excited for its potential, most of whom are just beginning to take interest in MLS?"
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