Raul Signs With Cosmos...

As a Madridista it would have been huge for Raul to have anything to do with NYCFC, looks like he is going to be heading up their youth program in the future, maybe it's just my love for RM but big loss for NYCFC.

Not sure we would have any need for him really. He certainly would not be very useful as a player, and we have the resources to put together our development program. Good signing for the Cosmos, as they can get some headlines and sell some jerseys, which I believe is the business model of the Cosmos.
Agreed, as a player, no. As a person behind the scenes, yes.
The best part is that the Cosmos supporters were railing against us when NYCFC signed 32 y/o David Villa and 36 y/o Frank Lampard. Saying MLS sucks because we can only sign old washed up guys. Two players who just competed for top footballing nations in the World Cup and were still playing in the top Euro leagues.
Now I am sure they are praising the Cosmos for signing 38 (by next season) y/o Raul, who has been playing in an Arab league for two seasons.

Edit: I like the Cosmos (as a quality minor league local club), but I hate their fanboys who troll the internet.
I've seen people on twitter thinking he signed with us then when they got corrected, this happened: