Rbny Vs Aresenal

Definitely be watching. More for my support for RB than wanting to see Arsenal. No way I'd be willing to pay those prices though. I think ticketd through Viking Army were something like 60$. That's above my pay scale.
My brother is a big RBNY fan and Arsenal fan. He bought us both a ticket, so I will be going. I really don't have a rooting interest because I'm a Man Utd fan and, of course, an NYCFC fan. I will be going, one, because he bought me a ticket and, two, to hopefully see RBNY get smashed by a much better team.
If you like RBNY you want to see them, if you like Arsenal you want to see them, If you hate RBNY you want to see them humiliated live, If you hate Arsenal you want to see them beaten by anyone .. No wonder tickets for exhibition games sell well :D
I'm going as part of NYC Arsenal Supporters outting.

I'll also be sitting with the Arsenal supporters. Tickets were $50, pretty reasonable in my opinion.

And I love Henry's support for Arsenal. He's made no secret that he wants to return there once his playing days are over. I look forward to seeing him in an adviser or coaching role in the near future.
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I think I paid $46, Section 218 row 6.

I don't think there is any question he will be back with us. He already trains with us at London Colney every chance he gets. I would welcome his presence as I think this club, as it is assembled, needs a reminder how to play with pride, passion and discipline for the badge they wear. Those away drubbings we took this year are inexcusable regardless of the injury situation. I wonder if Wenger's song has fallen on deaf ears with more than a handful of them?
Maybe Henry can infuse some vision of what it means and requires to be a great, not just good, club.
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Agreed, very interesting times ahead for us. I'm in section 215 row 6.
I posted this over on FB as well: I will be headed out to RBA on the 26th if anyone else happens to be going and would like to meet up, shoot me a message.
Game on!

Some sort of traffic foul up outside the stadium keeping fans from getting there. Should have built this stadium in the Meadowlands.