Stories Thread


Mar 27, 2014
Theres many new yorkers here from many generations. Every generation has there own unique feel to it, and thus there own stories. Whats some stories you got? heres one of mine:

last summer i was chilling with my friends by my friends house. my friend says "wanna build a boat and float to the bronx?" i say sure. By my friednds house there was some construction going on, with a truck load of scrap wood coming out. My friend says " go ask the guy for some wood for the boat". So i did. This boat idea was a really good idea. When i went up to the guy i asked "yo, can i have some of the wood?" The guy, being a Chinese immigrant, didnt speak English, at all. I tried to describe what i wanted, but it was no use. So i went back to my friends woodless.
"Wheres the wood?" my friend asks.
"the guy didnt speak english, i couldnt get any. i think he spoke chinese or something"
"speak chinese to him"
"I dont know chinese"
"Look it up on google"
"Well i would but theres different dialects...."
My friend gets a sharp object and then just pokes me hard in the leg.
"The fuck was that for?" i scream
"You couldnt get wood"
"No matter what i do, i cannot get wood. i dont speak mandarin or cantonese, and the guy doesnt speak english"

after what i said, we both kinda laughed it off and went on an adventure to find wood.