The Divergence Of Lampard/gerrard; Nycfc And Lag

Even their fan culture was shaped by that moment. The L.A. Riot Squad fans, at the forefront of the vocal criticism of Beckham, seemed from the outside at that moment to be a puzzling phenomenon; some English fans I knew seemed incredulous that they weren't grateful for whatever appearances the player chose to make rather than making banners against him.
Good read. My take away:

"Fans learn their value by stating and collectively standing by it, regardless of the actions of the players who transition through the club's colors."

As a yankee fan (looking at my 1973 renovation seats- the old wooden seats- in my living room that at 13 bought for $35 with my lawn cutting money) i understand what it means to be a fan the yankees sucked in the late 60s and most of the 70s. sometimes a player comes to your team from a rival and you love him (video of Boggs riding the horse still makes me cry) and others make you sick. then theres Clemens who even was somehow able to taint Pettittes legacey (someone posted a meme of some chick saying i just threw up in my mouth the other day)
FL can show up when he can saw he is sorry for missing what he missed. To the MCFC trolls who slight our league CFG won't ignore the $ that can be made in NY. theres a reason the Yankees blow out the cap every year. big money here to be made
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