The importance to play in NYC ( Yankee Stadium ) since the first game


Mar 20, 2014
Napoli ( Italia )
This team is called NYCFC and is the club of the most important sport of the world in the most important city in the world. In my opinion this team MUST to play ALWAYS in NYC, since the first game. In the soccer the identity is an aspect absolutely fundamental, far more than in other sports. Therefore I think and I hope that this team will play 3 seasons at Yankee Stadium and by the 2018 in a new 30k soccer stadium near it.
Forza New York City FC.
Possibly even more important than this (people would accept Westchester but that should be a last resort and even then there should be efforts to play some games at YS) is that the very first game take place in NY (and preferably with the C!). The MLS probably can't guarantee this and its likely there will be some kind of pre season programme aside from intensive training. So there should be one or maybe two HUGE games against major opposition. The worst thing that could happen is playing some non entity away from NY or even worse in one of those pre season tournies at Disney World, Diamond whatever it was, etc. This should be one of the key things expressed to the club via the SC or any separate fans forum that could be set up (don't confuse that with supporters club its a different thing altogether)

Since the people running the club aren't idiots this probably is their thought process anyway. Still Sons of Ben are a huge group and Philadelphia Union didn't play their first game at home (if wikipedia is accurate) so its probably something that should be put forward just incase.
Very concerned about the layout of the pitch in Yankee Stadium. Does anybody know how it would be oriented? Across the outfield?

Also, I think the noise levels/atmosphere will be weaker than if it were in a soccer specific stadium, because fans are much further from the playing field in some areas and its less on an intimate feel in the crowd, which will certainly not come close to filling the building.
I'm almost positive when MCFC played there this past break that the field was not to size. I could of sworn they didn't play correct field length or width.
Someone who remembers more accurately please correct me on this or validate.
Personally I wouldn't want it. The atmosphere wouldn't be there at all. Baseball stadiums are made to hear the game not the fans.
Yankee stadium can fit a full 120yd pitch. Width wouldn't be issue. They use it for american football and have room
I get the sense from the coverage that DiBlasio will be a major obstacle in MLS getting stadium. Doesn't seem like he'd be friendly to the idea or that he would really even care.
I don't like the idea of not having a set stadium for this team next year. Although it'll be nice for the team to play in Yankee Stadium once or twice the atmosphere there will pretty lackluster in my opinion since it's obviously not designed for soccer. You often notice this for baseball teams that play in football stadiums. Just not a good idea.
We might have to swallow our pride and head to...*gulp*....RBA :(

DiBlasio is a turd sandwich.
We might have to swallow our pride and head to...*gulp*....RBA :(

DiBlasio is a turd sandwich.

I think the club has ruled that out. You can't advertise yourself as "5 boroughs 1 City" and then play games in NJ. Can't do it. Moreover, playing in NJ gives the City an excuse to ignore the stadium issue ("see? they've got a stadium") while playing in Yankee stadium keeps the team in the city, grows the fanbase who will then put pressure on the City to get the deal done.
As long as it isn't Metlife Stadium. I want to play on grass and in NY, obviously.