Upload Your Picture To Be On The Numbers On The Back Of The Jerseys!

Just got this email:

As a New York City FC season ticket holder you have the opportunity to see your face displayed within the numbers on players' jerseys for all matches played in the month of August. You will be able to select a jersey number (0-9), and the location within that number to upload your photo to.

CLICK HERE to log in and upload your photo using the email address and unique pincode listed below.
You should have an e-mail from the club if you're a season ticket holder. You get one shot at uploading and choosing a number 0-9 so make it count!

I don't have any decent headshots of myself so I will take one this evening. Can't wait!

What number will you choose?
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Does this mean that our founders scarves are coming soon???
Just got it and uploaded my picture! You can only select a jersey number 0-9, so I selected #1 in the hopes that it'll be used for 10 - 19 as well! It's going to be epic!
Does this mean that our founders scarves are coming soon???

Not sure how this is connected to the founding member scarves, by my rep said we'll be getting them right before the start of the season.
but why?! are you an Adonis that doesn't want to make us look bad? because I'd be okay with that

That's exactly it. I have too much respect for you folks, and I don't want to shame you.

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Its one thing if they make people pay to get their picture on the shirts, but I think it is really cool that they're opening this up to season ticket holders.
Do we have a running list yet of who has taken what numbers?

I believe its:
8 - Lampard
7 - Villa
10 - Mix

Do we know any of the others?
I'm going to skip it also, although I think my reasons are different from Drainyoo Drainyoo . I just prefer not to be associated with Etihad and by implication the UAE.

Presumably that will open up a spot for someone further down the list who wants it.

FYI I saw a note on the TR FB page indicating a some folks are going for #3 to represent Third Rail.