What's Your Deposit?

What's Your Preferred Seat?

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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
Just to get a sense of where people will be sitting...

I wanted Category 4 originally but I'm probably going with Cat 3 now. Right behind the bench. Purchased within the first 5 minutes so hope to be first in line and get my front row seats!

I think section 103 would provide a great view. Almost dead center and lifted due to being in outfield. Also the value of Cat 4 is great if you can land section 014A. Great proximity to field!

I think despite what seat I choose I want to sit in Champions or Legends club for the opener!

Most likely supporters section. Hoping the section is GA, I was told by a rep this afternoon that they were still not sure.
Something I am wondering about is,when it comes time to move over to the new stadium,will we be offered "comparable seats" or does the seat selection process start over again with the same priority list they have now (obviously with whoever did not renew removed and new accounts at the back end)?
Hmm yeah guess we'll find out when we get there. Some of the seats now should be priced 2-4x higher than they are but aren't due to not being in close proximity of field as they would be if it was a normal football pitch. So I doubt they'd keep prices or even price levels the same in a new stadium.
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I'm torn.... It would be nice to have specific seats, however, I really want to be in the Supporters Section.... Maybe I'll just buy specific seats (Cat3/4) that way I always have the option and if i want to, buy GA tickets for the Supporters Section the day of the match.
Seeing the virtual seating chart, I'm definitely going to be in Cat 4. Which ever section I can get first row. Family Corner is my first pick since I'll be with my son.
I'm looking at Cat 3 - best view for the price, in my opinion. I'll probably end up sneaking into the supporters section anyway.