Will you get the vaccine?

Will You Get It? (Assuming an Unbiased Science Based Approval Before Year End)

  • Maybe: Only if we are in a big second/third wave

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Apr 23, 2014
One piece of advice from Dr. Mrs. Gotham on the 2nd shot. You are not supposed to take any ibuprofen or acetaminophen prior to getting the 2nd shot. However, if you later develop fever or aches, it’s okay to take it then.
I was talking to my kids pediatrician about it today and she mentioned this as well. Personally, I'm kind of a hippie and refuse to take even OTC meds unless absolutely necessary, so I didn't take any beforehand or during the side effect phase. Unfortunately, she did point out that blueberries, my personal substitute for Doritos, are naturally anti-inflammatory. I probably had about 1lb during the day before the shot and that weirdly may have contributed to my reaction.


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Mar 9, 2015
Last week availability opened up to those over 30 and my fiance was able to get me scheduled for Wednesday 3/31 at 4:10pm, and herself for Thursday 4/1 at 4pm, both at the HHS site in Queens at Martin Van Buren High School.

The site said to not show up until 5 minutes beforehand as they have nowhere for you to wait. I tried to get there a bit earlier than that, but had some transit mishaps and showed up right on time, to find an incredibly long line around the block. I ultimately ended up waiting about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get my first shot. (and the weather happened to be miserable, glad I at least brought an umbrella, as many others were getting soaked in line)

I of course passed along this info to my fiance who looked to get to her appt much earlier. She ended up arriving about 40 minutes before her appointment to find that she, had no line whatsoever to wait in. She went in and got her first dose thirty minutes earlier than scheduled and was out the door after the observation period 1 minute after her scheduled time.

Kinda funny altogether. It did appear that my ordeal was just a fluke and I think HHS accidentally opened up more timeslots than they should have. But even with the incredibly long line, I was impressed with how efficient they were at getting people registered, getting the shot, observation, and scheduling second doses.


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Jul 16, 2014
Queens, NY
At exactly 8 am the wording on the NY State Vaccine pages changed, and so did the questions on the Am I Eligible page. The York College site (Queens only) had so many openings in the next few weeks I had my pick and was able to schedule my 16-year old daughter at a date that does not conflict with her minefield of a schedule with multiple AP tests, SAT tests, regular tests, learners permit tests, etc., even allowing for 2 days recovery after the second shot. My other girl at school in Michigan got her first shot Saturday so Team Garbo is all good with vaccines.
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