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Sean Og

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Apr 27, 2014
Has their been anything created organically or is it mostly a hodgepodge of everyone else?
Hooliganism for all the arguing doesn't exist, and smoke bombs aren't allowed...
What has the MLS done to make itself different from the rest of the world?
Loud and relentless. It seems like a mixutre between college ball and European Supporters Culture. I happen to like the American experience with the exception of drums.

I get what Lawson and Numz want to do, but i honestly fear there is too much English mimicry. The biggest draw for MLS is the supporter experience IMO. It's what made me fall in lobe at my first RB game.

Also, the fact that we are chanting for 90+ minutes makes our team work that much harder. Watch the ECS video on youtube....the teams feed off that energy.

I agree with Numz that we don't need a minute by minute itinerary but I disagree that supporter should start their own chants. Supporters Sections work because they gain strength from being a part of a group.

The Board is taking a page from the Timbers Army but are completely leaving the KEY to what makes them who they are GAMEDAY EXPERIENCE.


As for Hooligans. I don't even know how people can want mimic these people. A bunch of neo-nazis who use soccer as a reason to be shit heads. Hooligans are no better than the peckerhead street gangs we have running around our neighborhoods.
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I think that chants can happen individually. I also like that there is a feeling of one up mans ship between SC In America.
Yea but "Think" and "Can" are nothing more than assumptions. I'm not against the English system but from a realistic point of view I think it will be difficult to energize an entire stadium for an inaugural season. And in our case (Third Rail) isn't that what we do? Bring energy to the stadium? I'd rather a cacophony of noise from a section led by a conductor than a few awkward attempts at trying to sing a song from various individuals who are drunk enough to yell by themselves.
I really think we aren't going to see that many seats in the first year and with the size of the stadium we may sound louder then we appear