Anyone Care For Rugby?


May 20, 2014
Hamden CT
As the title asks. I don't like it as much as football but I do find it pretty enjoyable particularly The Rugby WC or Six nations more so than the club game.
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personally hate the game, though it is very popular in the area I live.
Just like American football it is a game played by men with odd shaped balls
I'm not into rugby but I saw womens rubgy on the spanish channel the other day. Thats nuts!
The only reason you can get me to go to Vegas is for the 7s World Series. Looking forward to my move to England next year.... Just in time for the Rugby World Cup which will be held in England. And just waiting until next month when the tickets go on sale for it. Really looking forward to the US matches, specifically the US/Scotland match.
Love watching rugby. Was down in Sydney for 2003 WC and had a massive time
Love watching rugby. Was down in Sydney for 2003 WC and had a massive time

I played with Union County RFC after college. The mudturtles. It was great fun to play, and the drink ups were great after the games. Shooting the boot, running naked around the pitch after your first try. Great times, but I never got into watching it on TV.
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While I may not know the intricate rules and regulations of the game you can count me as one of the world's many rugby fans. However, I only ever watch international matches.
I only watch when it's the national teams playing rugby union, so it's great that the Rugby World Cup is coming up in September. I'm hoping to go to England and see a couple matches. Went to one in Paris during the 2007 Rugby World Cup.
If it's on, I'll watch it. (Which is rare.) More than that, I just like to see the All Blacks do Hakas.