Arsenal vs. Manchester City


Mar 23, 2014

1:30 ET

Its a need to win clash for both clubs. City can't afford to drop any points as they chase down Chelsea for the title. Arsenal can't afford to lose anymore points or face the very real possibility of falling out of Champions League next year.
We actually can afford to lose points. Three to be exact. If we drop 3 points and win out the season we would tie Chelsea if they win out as well which would give us the title on GD more than likely.
I'd much rather save those 3 points for our clash with Liverpool.
As far as today's match is concerned it should be a fairly easy win. Arsenal is deflated right now and City are coming off a huge derby win.
How good is Dzeko looking?!
Chelsea are really close to dropping some very valuable points.

City could really get in the driver's seat if Crystal Palace can hold on.
If chelsea loses this game it gives us a 6 point cushion. Would almost seal the league for me if we win today.
Arsenal has looked horrible so far. Great goal from City
Great strike by Dzeko to force a save and post deflection!
Great game by Crystal Palace, outplayed Chelsea and now we can drop 6 points and still win the title!
The last 9 days of the season will be brutal, 3 games in 9 days!
Focus now moves to Anfield as Liverpool play MCFC and Chelsea at home :eek:
Really feel like City needed to win this game to win the title. Liverpool now controls their own destiny, with both of their difficult matches at home and they've looked superb (although maybe the curse of being at the top with strike). Obviously, a win at Anfield would do wonders for City but that's looking like a bigger ask every match.