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Mar 28, 2014
Kenilworth, NJ
Having been living in the US for the past 5 years now, and one of the biggest things that I miss is the true away trips following my team (Leeds, but don't hold that against me!). You get to see places you may not have the chance to in other circumstances, you meet new people and it could possibly turn out to be the best, or one of the most hostile experiences of your life. Such a buzz!

This is something that I desperately want to replicate now with NYCFC (obviously when logistics allow) and Ive had many conversations with fellow fans at previous supporters meets to this point. Just out of curiosity and to waste a bit of time on a Wednesday lunchtime - what away trips are you most excited for next season and why?

I'll kick us off.....

Tornto Away - Canada is a country Ive never been to before so thats obviously a start. Also with the amount of money they've spent on their team you would envisage they are going to be one of the teams competing for titles over the next few years. What a feeling it would be to go and do them over in their own back yard! Ive also heard Toronto is a cracking night out even if it is a pain in the backside to get to.
Miami- If Beckham is able to get that stadium built where he wants it I would love to make the trip down there. I know they aren't coming into the league for another few years, but it's something to look forward to. Plus Miami is fun as shit at night
Orlando and Miami for me... They're 2 and 5 hours drive for me so I'll be going to these games for sure! Same with Atlanta once that happens.
Would we as a supporters group be hiring buses to take us to away games or would it be everyone for themselves getting to the games?
If you're in a Group most travel together as it's cheaper to get a bus than everyone pay for their own transportation and gas.
Chicago- Great big city atmosphere that feels very inviting and familiar to New Yorkers. Entertainment and food that is great as well. A wonderful bonus for those interested in baseball: Wrigley Field.
That might be a bit much to cram in a short trip,but if the scheduling lines up right...

Chicago is one of my favorite U.S. cities along with San Francisco. Probably the only 2 places I would move if absolutely necessary.

How about where I would not go: Orlando
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Toronto is a great city although it is a little far. As far as creating that away day magic and atmosphere where we could realistically sell out an away section I'd say Philly and DC for sure. Going to be a lot of fun.

This is what come to mind when I hear Portland

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off topic but how do some people have "seasoned supporter" by their name...i want that!!
The FL games will be so fun but its almost too nice down there for it to feel like football.

Saying that Numz and I are going down there in June for England's World Cup warm up game against Ecuador so I may end up changin my mind!
Revs, Philly, DC, ATL are games I'd definitely consider traveling for.

Vito Vito the supporters would charter a bus. They make for long days, but you would normally leave at the asscrack of dawn, make it to the Home arena with some time left to tailgate. Support the hell out of your team. Go straight home.
Definitely would want to go to away days for the (potential) Colonial Cup matches with New England, Philadelphia, and Red Bulls. Going cross country to Portland or Seattle is not realistic, as ground transportation would take days and airfare would be too costly to arrange as a big group.
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No one has mentioned Montreal... its only a 6 hour drive and a beautiful city. Just need to bone up on your French.

I love that there are a lot of places that are close enough to drive to from NYC (DC, RBNY, NE, PHI are within 4 hours drives). Toronto is about a 8-10 hours by car or an hour by plane. With that said I am definitely going to Miami if the game falls on a weekend.

I'm really looking forward to some NYCFC road trips.