Board Name Change Suggestion


Mar 19, 2014
Just mentioned annoying words on one of the other threads and "banter" is right near the top of my list. That might not be the case for some people but I'm not being completely irrational. Type "banter" and annoying word into google and results will come up. Not sure its even an American word its a UK term especially used by stupid English players and fans (and yes I am English) who laugh at their own bad jokes and so called wit.

How about changing it to "Warzone" instead and allow slightly more lax guidelines. I'm not saying people should come on looking for an argument (and so far everything has been constructive for most part) but this could be a board for angrier venting and a place to pretty much talk about anything as long as its nothing illegal or beyond tasteless. If something truly pisses you off then this could be the board to post at! If people are sensitive over the word "Warzone" its not as if there's only been one war in world history is it. The 2nd hour of WWE Raw used to be called the Warzone (even now they still graphically use the "Rawzone" name after the first hour its some weird advertising reason) and yes they did change it after 9/11. It would have gone that way anyway because WCW was dead and most people always called it Raw anyway. Alternatively "Warzone" could host match threads while games are taking place.
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Now this is a great article on the use of "banter."

I don't agree with the entire thing (big fan of Richard Keys and Andy Gray for instance) but certainly the vast majority of it. As for Rio Ferdinand...need I say more? That's a good enough reason to hate the word above anything else! If the board is nicknamed "Warzone" or alternatively something like "no holds barred" at least it warns people there might be material that is offensive or highly emotive posts. "Banter" is at its most offensive when people who overuse the word think they are being funny and light hearted.
There's actually a show I watch that has a segment called Banter Zone that's why I went with it. Just meant for general football talk so I'll change it to something a bit more specific.
Always open to suggestions and keeping the members happy!