Thread Creation Limits


Mar 19, 2014
I think each user should have a maximum number of threads he or she can create in a given time period. Say, 5 per week. Right now there it seems like there is a user going through the dictionary and posting every word as its own Warzone debate.

Too much clutter, not enough meaningful discussion. Limit threads, please.
I feel like we should definitely limit CP_Scouse CP_Scouse to a thread a month. :p
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Although I agree with a lot of your suggestions this is not plausible.
The benefit of a forum is threads without replies/conversation drop to the bottom and more interesting threads rise to the top.
It's one thing if it's spam but if someone is posting beneficial threads I'm not going to limit them.
Also, like I mentioned before if you don't like the Warzone forum just don't look at it. I don't like it, I don't look at it.
I've never hit new posts and seen it overtaken by Warzone posts. There is 37 posts in Warzone out of 700+.
You'reetting this get to you for no reason.
Go to the FB page where there were probably 50+ posts about David villa joining us as opposed to 1 here.
Also I took it off the new posts notifications so it won't be there anymore.
I just granted your suggestion and took it off of the New Posts section as I mentioned above.
How is that not granting your request?
I happen to disagree with post limit so I'm not doing that but I agree with the Warzone comment and I took it off.
If you don't like it here simply leave. Most of your suggestions I have enacted. This one suggestion about removing the Warzone I disagree with and you act like a child and spam the section and say I'm shitting on your suggestions... Seriously?