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Mar 26, 2014
Hey there,

Any other Brooklyn supporters here? I'm living in the UK until late summer but my apartment's still waiting for me in Boerum Hill.
For home games, we should get all the Brooklyn fans to meet up and travel to and from games. I'll be taking the D train at Stillwell, or if I'm lazy the F to Coney and then the D.

How about a pre game meet up @ L&B Spumoni Gardens? can hop on the D straight to the game
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La Defense seems like a great central location to meet up for games. What do the Brooklyners thinks of meeting up for World Cup game to watch and prepare for next season?
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Black Swan would be great for me, but I think a more central location with more transit options would attract more people
black swan is on bedford ave in clinton hill/bedsuty... the bar area is even smaller that woodwork...great place though!
I think if you pick a spot around the Barclay Center to watch away games you will get a great turn out in Brooklyn. You have all the public transportation (LIRR, 11 subway trains, tons of buses) and they have a lot of cool bars in the area - including Woodwork (3 blocks away).