Cellphones, What Do You Have?


Mar 23, 2014
Just bought an LG G3 the other day. I really like it. Phenomenal screen.

I used to have a Nokia 822. I really like the Windows Phone OS. Very straight forward, very fluid. Uglier than the Android OS but Windows Phone is more intuitive. The keyboard is much better on Windows Phone and the cameras on Nokias are second to none...

Android has an app advantage so I like the added utility of my Android phone but long for quite a bit of the features from my old Windows Phone.
iPhone 5s. I usually just stick to apple products
I'm on a Google Nexus 4. Will probably upgrade to a Nexus 6 in the next 12 months.
Only thing that sucks is that the iPhone screen is so much smaller than every other phone on the market
Dat screen

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I have an old flip phone at the moment! I broke my Galaxy a couple weeks ago and had to activate my phone from about 6 years ago that I still had lying around for some reason. To be honest, I am kind of loving this right now. The battery lasts for about a week and I can cut my data plan, which I rarely ever used 1GB of each month and really don't miss it.
I'll probably be craving a smart phone again after a while, but for right now, the old school cheap flip phone is the way i'm gonna go!
Samsung Note 3. Because of the big screen...wait now that I think of it, I think the determining factor is anything with a blue light. lol