Cosmos Vs Rbny

Sean Og

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Apr 27, 2014
Yeah no trollin or keyboard tough guys...

Anyone SERIOUSLY goin to this game June 14. I think it'll be great day for soccer in NYC. I'm definitely going, hopefully we can all meet up and hit the train together or somethin.
Probably gonna go along with a couple of friends. Would be a good time to announce ourselves to the rest of NY
I will probably be on Long Island anyway for Father's Day weekend. If people are going, I'll definitely go and meet up with you guys. Just let me know where you are sitting and I'll try to get tickets in that section.
This doesn't appear to be directly contributing to NYCFC supporter culture, so I'm moving this to the MLS forum. If it turns into an NYCFC-related discussion then I'll move it back.
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The problem is that the media doesn't do enough to promote it. The games are hardly televised or even live streamed. And what makes it even worse is that the MLS teams hardly care about it. They do not put effort into it at all. So many times they put a B squad in to allow them some playing time. It is CONCACAF's and MLS's job to raise the level of the tournament. It needs to be more prestigious. I do not know how the central american squads view it, but it doesn't get a fair shake here.
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I'm definitely going to go. I'm hoping we sit with a couple dozen people together. Personally, I think this is NYCFC related, but I'm going even if we don't sanction the trip. This is NY soccer. Period.

Tickets go on sale June 3rd to the public. I was thinking about calling them for group tickets, but I didn't want to scare them if they asked what type of group we were.
I personally am not for a "take-over". I would just rather go and watch the game. Away day casual. But I am down to buy one of those group tickets from you if you are gonna get a bunch of them.
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this isn't nyc fc related but it is about NY and US soccer. I want go to support the Cup, have some drinks and enjoy the beef between RB and LIC.

Didn't someone have a presale code?

We need to decide what section we want to sit in... Then buy them all together.

The section opposite the energy drinks is freaking 30 dollars a ticket (these people are insane). There's corner flag seats for 12 bucks, but very close to the butt hurt Cosmos.

What say you? Let's do this ASAP.
How much are the tickets in the different sections? Like how much for Section 20B? That is the upper section next to the midfield seats.
Just went on the site. Looks like tickets are $20 + $3.50 for section 20B. Might not be a bad spot. Any thoughts anyone?