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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
Anyone play soccer for an adult league or just for fun? I know a lot of people just like to watch.
I try to get out on the fields a few times a week.

I'd love to start playing, but the last time I played soccer was in the 3rd grade. Any tips for a 27 year old interested in playing for the first time? Any local beginner leagues in NYC?
I'd love to start playing, but the last time I played soccer was in the 3rd grade. Any tips for a 27 year old interested in playing for the first time? Any local beginner leagues in NYC?

This is awesome. I'm in a similar boat, except I'm 31. I live in Queens so there are plenty of fields and leagues to play in. Though I'll probably just kick the ball around with my daughter when she's old enough to know what kicking and a soccer ball are.
The best tip I can give you is... get out there.
It's such a cheap sport to play. for $100 you can look like a professional.
Pair of cleats and a soccer ball.
That's for a pair of good cleats too.
I wear copas and have had the same pair for 2 years.
Watch a few beginner youtube videos on how to kick and you're set :)
Believe me, no one will look at you funny if you're missing, professionals do it all the time.
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I love going out to play! I'm in college so whenever I have so spare time (or nice weather) my buddy and I go over to some fields to play. I'll post up a crossbar challenge we plan on filming next time we go out!
I'm in Florida and it's beautiful here in Tampa today. Will probably hit the fields around 5 today :)
Somehow this thread reminds me of the Jay Goppingen hilarity.. :D

Jay Goppingen aka Jürgen Klinsmann played with Orange County Blue Stars in California between 2003 and 2005. "I simply did it for fun, and it keept me young," said Klinsmann. By way of explanation, Goppingen is the city of Klinsmann's birth
when it gets warmer out I try to play 2 or 3 times a week up at college with my friends but its not always easy
I do my best to play when I can, but I've never played anything organized. I'm usually either a GK or a CB, but I can play pretty much everywhere except the wings on offense
I can't be a GK to save my life. Simply to afraid to dive and when someone's running at me the first thing I do is cover the boys lol.
I do like CB though
CB is fun because there isn't a shit ton of complicated movements or skill necessary, just get the ball back and clear it or get it to your midfielders. Plus I have asthma so what I can do stamina wise is always important to consider. GK is hard for me, because I'm short, but I love it, and once I get better and learn how to do things like dive and slide, I could be pretty good. Plus most of the times I've played was with one guy taking penalties. But I just found a league I can get into this fall assuming I haven't joined the military by then, so I'm excited :)
Im a big boy these days but i used to be an enforcer in High School haha
I started drinking in high school so I quickly got out of shape. Had to use the body more...caused a few injuries cause I was fast and big, but didnt allow a lot goals haha
You guys are real troopers. I don't think I could ever play a defending position. I normally play a winger or inverted winger depending on who I'm with. If not, I'll drop back to a midfielder.

I honestly see it as the easiest position. All you have to do, your ONLY real job, is make sure the ball gtfo's out of your zone
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I play it for fun, playing soccer helps me build valuable life skills, such as hard work, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication. Through healthy competition, it also teaches the importance of teamwork and cooperation, balanced by good sportsmanship.