Hi, I'm Alex and I Am A NYCity-holic


Mar 19, 2014
Posted this in another thread but we are being encouraged to make our own individual posts, so here it is again.

Hey all, I am Alex.

Have lived in Manhattan all my life. Always liked soccer, but only started following seriously around the 2010 World Cup. Started with the USMNT, then got into Spurs in the EPL as well. Red Bulls never really sat well with me with the sponsorship name, and I had my drawbacks about NYCFC being MCFC's farm team, but everything I have seen from the club so far has shown that this will be an authentic NYC club. Really looking forward to next season when I can expand my horizons to following MLS with a rooting interest.

On twitter as @myboystepan which is more of a hockey reference (the other sport I follow closely) so figured continue with that trend, and hopefully we get some players announced so I can pick my boy for NYCFC (hoping for Jozy).
First, I feel like I need to say: Let's Go Rangers!

Thanks for joining! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little cautious when the Yankee/ManC partnership was announced with the expansion. However, thus far there seems to be a laissez-faire approach to the clubs as far as NYCFC is concerned. I hope this trend continues.
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