Jerry Springer-"i Married A Horse"


Mar 19, 2014
No Jerry Springer has not married a horse but his show once featured an episode of this name. Back in 1998 the Jerry Springer show was probably at its all time high for causing total controversy. So what would it actually take for an episode to actually get blocked from view in most markets? The Ku Klux Klan didn't even manage that. Well Springer found the answer when the show decided to tackle the subject of bestiality.

Now I'm certainly no expert on that particular subject. I can't even stand to touch an animal never mind go that far! This particular board should be about uncomfortable, shocking subjects. As Springer says in his "final thought" his show is about causing outrage but how much more outrageous and taboo can you get than a discussion about this? Has anyone on here actually met anyone like the people in this video? I know that's probably a laughable question but going to ask it anyway. I certainly haven't!

I found the episode a few days ago split into two parts on Youtube. Its entertaining in an extremely perverse way.