Jimmy Grimble


Jun 1, 2014
How many of you American Guys have seen the film Jimmy Grimble...
I have just watched it for the ????????th time and never fail to laugh.

If you have not seen it I will tell you
1. It is a film predominantly about growing up in Manchester
2. It does demonstrate the football culture there.
3. Its a fantastic film.

My Mrs (thats MrsE) hates all sport, especially football, but she loves this film.
It does not matter what sport you played at school you will relate to the film
It does not matter if you were at school in the 0's 70's 80's 90's or since the year 2k, you will relate.

If you havent seen it give it a go, if you have please comment......

And guys please please give it a go, I am not comparing New York to Manchester, the film could have been shot in any other City, the story of youth and growing up is the same the world over.
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