Marvel / Netflix's Daredevil Looks Excellent


Mar 23, 2014
I really don't know much about Daredevil other than he's a blind guy and he had a terrible movie starring Ben Affleck but this trailer for the Netflix series looks great.

Welcome back to Hell's Kitchen
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The teaser has me intrigued. I'm also excited for the other Marvel series Netflix is going to develop.
Btw do you mind if making this the official TV and Movie thread? Otherwise as we get more users, we're going to have 69857474758 different threads with 1 or 2 pages?
Just finished the first episode, if you have Netflix you better damn well be watching thid show. Its production values rival most movies, the casting is absolutely perfect.

I'm completely blown away by this.
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I took a break after episode 4. It's really good so far. My only complaint would be that the fight scenes can drag on a bit, even though the choreography and the cinematography has been quite good so far.
Just finished episode 4, hands down the best superhero tv show ever.

Fans are going to be pissed if future hero shows aren't on HBO, Netflix, AMC, Amazon, ect.
Big Daredevil comic fan. Watching this as group with a few friends once a week so only 3 eps in so far but it's brilliant. Closer to Nolan Batman than to most other live action marvel IMO.
Just finished it last night. Yes I'd say it was better than Flash. Definitely better production values, acting etc. From there depends if you like your super heroes street level and dark or with more light hearted