New Fan - Chilean Living In Nyc

Angello Maggio

Jun 5, 2014
Hello everyone,

My name is Angello, I'm originally from Chile but now live in NYC (previously Sleepy Hollow in Westchester.)
I'm a big soccer fan, my favorite team being Universidad de Chile, however I'm also a big fan of Juventus. From other European leagues I like many teams, but none in particular, I just like to watch a good game. Here in the MLS I tried to follow the NYRB but since they played in Jersey I only got to see them once and I really didn't get much from the fan base so I had been supporting the Whitecaps recently, although not very closely.
I think the NYFC will give me the chance to get more into the MLS since it's only a few subway stop away from me, and mainly because you guys (the fan base) seems so dedicated, and that's definitely something I had been looking for here in the US.
I hope to meet you all soon, maybe see each other at the stadium or around bars, hopefully I get to buy the supporters season tickets.

Awesome forum, good luck with it!
Welcome! Thanks for the kind words. We've got a great group here, I'm sure you'll fit right in.