New York City Fc Announce Ground-breaking Youth Development League

Just read the article... this sounds like a great thing for NYC and US soccer. Emphasis on technique and skill development while reducing cost to the families (lower travel expenses).

Very proud of NYCFC.
Positive press???

This whole system is a home run in my eyes
1. It focuses on the technique which is more important than winning at that age (This should also be a draw for those parents that believe in the "everyone's a winner and deserves a ribbon" mentality)
2. It still is a competion with its own league which will create some type of envy for the parents to get their kids into.
3. This type of innovation by clubs could be the catalyst we have been looking for to spark huge growth of soccer in our nation
Like DRoy mentioned on twitter I'd like to see Lewis, Karrell and Megdal's take on this.
To me it seems that Lewis is truly interested in covering the team and since he's been doing this for a while, he thought he should have been treated with more consideration. Karrell is a bitter cosmos fan who realizes his club isn't going anywhere. Megdal is a red bull fan who feels threatened. It is what it is. Lewis is more likely to give a fair unbiased assessment. Certain things can't be spun negatively without looking blatantly biased so I'm interested in seeing what happens.
They will probably take a jab at us for doing something like this without even having plans for a stadium yet like what Nick Chávez was joking about. Just a low class jab at something that really has nothing to do with this news
are these clubs pay to play ? or scholarship? or mix of both? I dont know anything about local academies.