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Mar 17, 2014
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Let's keep the discussion here on the event itself. Also feel free to upload pictures. If you have a video and are unsure of how to upload it please just email it to me and I'll do it for you if need be.
I'll be retweeting pics and stuff throughout the event.

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Definitely similiar to MC, but at the same time that's one gorgeous jersey. Hands down the best one in the league.

I'm ok with the connection to MC. Let others call us their farm team, it doesn't really matter what others think. We're the fans of the team. If we love it, screw everyone else.
Hudson River Blue just tweeted that you can only pre-order the jersey today. They won't be available until the first week of December. Well that's a bummer.
Updated with some pictures off of our Twitter. I'm expecting a dramatically different away kit or at the very least on the third kit.
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So much for the "reveal" more like "predictable". Anyway maybe people have been setting hopes too high for what is basically a t-shirt. Of course its the first one which is important (and to some borderline sacred) but things like the stadium issue are more crucial. Anyway I like the colour so its OK with me and I guess Abu Dhabi thinks Etihad needs more exposure. I speculated they might use another startup (as Etihad was initially with strategic losses for first few years) but sponsor isn't important as long as there's prestige.
So I think the club screwed up communicating the embargo to the people they handed out press packets too. A number of people posted it, but I've seen a few take it down. Dan Dickinson is openly confused on twitter about it.
It's totally uncontroversial, but I'm not embarrassed by it. It's just a bit boring, to be frank.

I'm hoping that the away kit is a bit more exciting, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Adidas pretty clearly is using templates for MLS.

I do think there could be a bit more edginess (not on scale a Las Vegas setup should be) but that's more a personnel marketing thing. What could they have done to make a shirt controversial anyway? Pink and yellow dots? Nudity?

Anyway complaints will just give the usual people (cough Cosmos cough Red Bulls cough) more ammunition.
I was hoping for something original more like Melbourne City's kit. It's not the end of the world but was hoping for something more unique.

Well they moaned (surprise) and insisted on something more unique. They seem to be complaining about Villa now like he unbalanced their system or something.

EDIT-Actually I believe another club complained about their colours being "stolen".