Oh We Are The Natives...



I posted this idea on the facebook page a while back, got a decent amount of likes, didn't want it to get lost. This song is pretty popular in South America and I've heard it in a few other countries. ESC has a REALLY lame version of it that doesn't rhyme once (As long as I'm breathing). I thought this sounded cool and we would be pretty easy to learn, and fun as hell to chant on the train on the way to a game. This video is from Chile (Universidad de Chile) where I live, take a listen and try it with these lyrics, like to hear what people think.

Oh New York, oh New York
Greatist city, greatest club
Oh New York, oh New York
Greatist city, greatest club

Oh we are the natives
Of New York City
We're rollin through Jersey
We're burnin down Philly

Wherever you're fighting
We'll always follow
And we bring the party (WHERE AT?)
Through every borough

Note: I realize the name of the group very well might not be ending up being the name of our group but I think it works anyway. Also I'm not crazy about the "greatest city, greatest club", I think something else would sound better if anyone can think of something. I love the "and we bring the party (where at) through every borough" part though.

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