On The Eve Of 6 Months


Brown Bag SC
Seasoned Supporter
Mar 30, 2014
Brown Bag Social Club has been around for a short time. Really having to be formed
After our Brown Bag FC started getting request from members who just loved the social part of our small group. We also have our Softball history and our love of having a good time.

Brown Bag SC is about to turn 6 months and has grown to 200+ members that are in Facebook alone not to mention those who we pick up along the way. I'd like to say thank you but not only will I like to say thank you.. No that's to easy! I will also be giving a piece of merch during our 6th month of BBSC!

To those that have been around since BBFC... Well you guys are huge to this small group a big reason why we are here...
But the person who gave us an identity I will always be in his debt! Przemek thank you bro for everything!

To friends, sports and having a good time!