Purchase Section-specific Single Match Tickets??



Hey all, as I'm sure we're all aware single match tickets are now on sale. Using the link the Club provided (http://www.ticketmaster.com/New-York-City-FC-tickets/artist/1991293) I can't figure out how to select a specific section. I doesn't seem like they're using the virtual venue system like they did for season tickets and like the Yankees use for all tickets (which is beguiling). I'm a season ticket holder but have some friends who would like to join for some matches and would ideally like to try to get tickets in the same section as me and can't figure out how to do that (beyond calling the Club). Any ideas? Thanks!
I just checked it out. I think if you pick the type of seats that match up with yours, i.e field, legend, champion whatever the case maybe, then play around with price choices and see where you wind up. Your not locked into buying anything. Or go to, or have your friends go to your local ticketmaster and say I want two tickets in section 114 for the seattle game. Good Luck