Supporters Club Name?


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
If seen the ones recommended on Facebook. The Natives, Gotham City Blues, etc.
Any suggestions here?
I would say NYC ultras too but Ultras refers to insane hard core supporters. It's something that has to be earned and seeing as how we are still a year out we really shouldn't refer to ourself as Ultras.
Insane is an understatement I'm not sure where the ultra name comes from (whether it originated in South America or parts of Europe) but have you seen the footage of games such as Boca v River? You could even say the word "Ultras" has become watered down in many people's eyes since more and more clubs starting using it. A few flags does not make somebody an ultra as far as I'm concerned. Maybe there should be a new name altogether (I'm talking about creating an entirely new word) which shares the notion of hardcore (to an extent) but without the violence or hooligan mentality. New words are created all the time maybe we can all come up with something.

The key is to make the atmosphere as good as possible without crossing the line. Nobody wants it to be too "family friendly" there has to be some edginess whether those in corporate circles like it or not. Stupid chants like YSA won't bring that maybe mature, clever, amusing chants will set this club apart. Loud, consistent chanting gives just as good an impression as waving a few flags around.
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I like the idea of calling the SG "The Natives". Considering we will be standing our ground, in our territory during home games. I know there was some flak because people misunderstood "The Natives" as people who were born and raised in the city. It's kind of silly to take the name of an SG that literally. How many 13th Century Scandinavians Sea Fairers are actually supporting Red Bulls and cheering in the South Ward?

My vote is "The Natives".
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Hahaha love the Scandinavian references.
I do like the Natives but I feel like there are better options out there.
How about Soldiers or Brigade for a word that conveys hardcore fandom without hooliganism.

I think City Soldiers conveys that we are defending our city walls, a united front against the outside clubs. Also, alliteration!
There was, I believe, a somewhat short-running campaign on twitter and Facebook to use the name "The Gentlemen", which I believe is another Gangs of New York reference although I haven't seen that film in forever. That said, it was someone else's campaign, so not sure if it would be right to usurp it (if people even like that name, that is).
Well as far as wrestling names "shield" does sort of fit and could be sort of a reference/nod to the runner up badge. Or the Marvel Comics version S.H.I.E.L.D. As for Legion before anyone suggests the obvious "Liberty Legion" was suggested ages ago and never caught on. There shouldn't be a name chosen just for the sake of a name or meeting a deadline that does not need to be set in place. I don't care if it takes until beginning of next year personally. If there's going to be a final vote there should be a minimum majority needed like 80% at least.
Yeah I totally agree. Then again this is a supporters forum, open to all supporters and numerous supporter groups. Nothing wrong with a team having more than one supporter group.
Plain old "Gotham Supporters Group" would be nice. Something about the word "Legion" bothers me. No idea what it is's completely irrational.

But 'Gotham SG' would be immediately recognizeable. Gotham is already a name that is synonymous with NYC.

I'm apprehensive about having a hooligan feel to the SG - so terms like Legion, Army, Ultras should be avoided.

If going towards a Gangs of NY name - The Natives, or The Dead Rabbits are my favorites. I'm more partial to TDR because in the film it was the group that accepted ALL the outcasts. Which (to me) represents this city more accurately.
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