Supporters Section Vs General Seating

Samuel Youn

Seasoned Supporter
May 5, 2014
Manhattan, NY
I put down general seating season tickets and I am now leaning towards going over to the supporters section.

I was told today by the VP of the Supporters Club during the meeting that NYCFC confirmed that the supporters section would be behind the goal in the left field. I personally bought season tickets because I am a huge fan of soccer and I really appreciate all aspects of the game (technical, physical, tactical skill). Therefore I would like to really enjoy the game and see how formations react/build up play. At the same time I want to be part of the supports section to sing and cheer on the team.

I have heard that sitting behind the goal is really only ideal for 45 min of the game. How realistic is it to expect to see/appreciate the game behind the goal? Or is it more of an excitement thing to drink and cheer on the team?

What are your reasons for where you are choosing to sit?
I sit behind the goal when I'm at Anfield and I love it there. The fans are loudest in the Kop and since I'm a goalkeeper I actually like seeing the game build up from one end and although the second goal is a long way away it doesn't seem to matter that much.

Having said that, I bought General seating too but I'm also thinking of changing to be where the majority of fans are or the majority of the Supporters Club are.