The Natives or The Warriors ?


Mar 24, 2014
There has been a debate with in the group, and it appears that these two names are the front runners for the SG. I am a fan of "The Natives". The Natives takes a page from New Yorks past gang activity. The imagery of Bill "The Butcher" is a great image, and can be used in Tifos, shirts, ect. The name also has a bit of grit to it, toughness and no nonsense. The problem that seems to come up is that the Natives were a anti immigrant anti Catholic gang. Granted its not a great connotation to be associated with, but soccer groups have not always been associated with kissing babies and being community organizers.

The Warriors is a classic New York story, and much like The Natives is has a lot of great imagery associated. My main problem with the name is, its not very original. The youth lacrosse team in my town are the Warriors and dozens of other high schools and sports clubs take the word Warriors their own. It just wouldn't be our thing.

what do you think?
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Hey! Welcome to the forums.
We have a thread here as well for a supporter group name. Heck, if you ask me the more groups we have the better.
I know a lot of Facebook has been along for The Natives but there seems to be a big push here for Gotham as well.
The best thing we have going for us is that the next season is so far away. We have plenty of time to decide. As someone else has mentioned before I feel it's being rushed and if a name was to be decided upon it should be a big majority vote. I believe the FB voting poll has only 50 votes all together. No where near enough to decide a name by.
Personally, let it simmer, the season is no where near us. No reason to put a deadline on this within the next few weeks. The biggest thing right now should be to build the group. Recruit as many fans to be involved in discussion and support. Deciding on something now could just lead to a lot of groups being formed in the months to come due to disagreement with names which have been selected prior to them being a supporter.