This Shade Of Blue Does Have Some Nyc Sports Connection...


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Jul 16, 2014
Queens, NY
It's not exactly a team that the city has any widespread interest in. But the institution has been operating in NYC since 1754 and fielding sports teams since 1867, including first baseball, plus football, soccer, basketball, fencing and others. And their uniforms have, as far as I know, been dominated by a color that most call sky blue, baby blue, powder blue, or as the school calls it: Columbia Blue.

And yes, I know that CFG wasn't thinking of this at ALL, and basically nobody cares about the Columbia Lions in NYC except a handful of alumni, and most of their teams have historically been terrible, even within the Ivy League.

But the color does have a longstanding local sports history, which many have been denying. (Oddly, I've seen this advanced on both sides of the argument, with some saying the color makes the team unique in NY, and other decrying the lack of NY roots).

I also realize it is not the same exact shade, but as with MCFC, the shade has varied over the years. Sometimes it has looked quite close the the current CFG colors.

Disclaimers: Yes I'm an alum. Yes I'm being a little ridiculous. No this has no effect on my view of the NYCFC jersey. No I don't think this should have any effect on anybody else's opinion. Actually I never liked the color as a uniform color (although I like it as a design color outside of sports uniforms), and this was true back when I was a student, and that's just personal taste.


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Because I love '47 Brand's franchise hat, I may have to pick up Columbia's version and wear it while pretending the "C" on the front stands for "City". Sadly, I'm not joking. I love '47 Brand hats THAT much.
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You may find more to choose from in the Columbia bookstore. I live a few blocks south of Columbia's campus so I'll swing by this weekend and check out their stock.
Thanks. After you posted I found it at Lids and they claimed it was exclusive to them, however. Worth checking though if you're close enough.