Turf Vs Grass


Mar 23, 2014
Charlotte, NC
So I normally play on firm ground (FG) fields and it's what I always grew up with. I'm pretty used to what FG is and what it has to offer but what about turf?

Especially because I'm starting to play on an AstroTurf field. I already have TF shoes but how exactly does the feel differentiate from FG fields? I haven't had a chance to play on any turf so I really have no idea, but it would be nice to have some info going into games!

Also, what do you prefer? Turf or Grass?
I mean if you're in high school you won't see many nice grass fields so I always preferred turf. But when I went to college and actually played on a nice grass field that changed immediately. Soccer is meant for grass
From what I've heard on Radio and read online players, especially older players, are not fans of it because it takes longer to recover after a match.
I know in the past Henry refused to play on it. Not sure if this is the case still.
Henry and Olave flat out refuse to play on turf. I've heard enough times from announcers that Henry has a no-turf clause built into his contract.
Yeah it was. I seem to recall the commentators over here in the UK saying that the England team were struggling in some games because the harder turf surface is physically more tiring to run on for 90 minutes than the soft grass they were used to back home.
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I can't comment on the soccer aspect but as someone who played lacrosse in college from a wear and tear on your body stand point there is a huge variation based on the type of turf it is. Obviously there is a full spectrum of quality levels but at an extremely granular level I would break it down into two categories:

1. Old short turf that looks like carpeting and is basically a thin pad over concrete (It was shocking to see some of this low grade turf on some of the WWC fields)
Pros: Nothing, the stuff is absolutely horrible, avoid it at all costs
Cons: You will be sore if you play on it a lot, your knees will hurt, and if you fall you will get really nasty turf burns

2. Longer more grass like turf you see in NFL stadiums and most newer college fields
Pros: minimal difference from grass, doesn't hurt joints, sometimes feels better to run on than a really dry grass field.
Cons: those little rubber pellets they put on fields like this will get everywhere but its a minimal price to pay for the comfort compared to the other turf.
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