Wager For Nycfc Kit On Fifa 15


Nov 22, 2014
someone wanna wager with me for the away or home kit of NYCFC, if you win, ill give you Mandzikic
Haha mandzukic is cheap! He's like 1,500 and the away kit cost me $18,000!
I sold a bunch of my fitness stuff and a few players.
How much is ORL going for?

I spoke with Orlando fans this morning, and they assured me that you have a very large penis. They said it was mammoth, dinosauric, and absolutely dwarfed their penises, which, they assured me, were nearly microscopic in size. Your penis, they said, was most likely one of the biggest on the planet. I applaud the Orlando supporters in their honesty.
Expensive! The bid is at $7300 with 8 minutes left and that should ramp up in final minute. Buy it now is high.
The home you can grab for around $5500
Nice. Should we keep a on-going list of rumors in here so everyone can use "best judgement" in filling in the rest of their rosters?