Was Leo Glickman Banned Or Just Silent?

Good question. I was wondering the same thing. I feel like he's the villain that nobody minds. Like the Ice King from Adventure Time.
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I originally made this thread to make a point about a few others that have gotten a longer leash than Leo just because they supposedly support the club, but I'm so done with that trash. I don't care anymore.
Leo was given a very Lon leash. He was here from the beginning. But he went off when I warned him the second time and it resulted in a ban I don't have time to baby sit. Which is why the Warzone has calmed down.. Closing thread that escalate too far. It's a web forum... Talk about the subject at hand. If you can't do that then why come here to just argue about the same meaningless crap day after day after day. I can't spend my time at work checking my phone constantly to make sure guy 1 didn't offend guy 2 and guy 3 didn't report it. Come on people.
We don't need members like that here.