Why We Should Be Called The Nyc Skyscrapers

Tom in Fairfield CT

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Jul 16, 2014
In search of an identity to flesh out the new soccer team in New York City, the question of what makes New York unique has been focused on. The supporters group went to the the subways to identify with the circulatory system of the city, naming themselves "the third rail" to invoke power and electricity. I propose relating to that thought by contrasting it, and looking in the other direction for the nickname of the team-- the New York City Skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers are what people think of when they think of the city. Tourists are easily identifiable by their craned necks as they block the sidewalk to stare at the Empire State Building, or One World Trade Center. There are more than 200 buildings taller than 500 feet in New York city, double any other US city. Nothing is more New York than our tall buildings.

The name pays homage to the dark day that brought every New Yorker closer together. Skyscrapers point to the sky, fitting in with our sky blue home uniforms. They are majestic, powering upwards, qualities we all hope for on the field. And, the name is unique. No other sports teams have that name.

I think of the boys in this picture, fearlessly building our city, and can't imagine a better name for our new team.
Spitballing here:
I like but don't love Skyscrapers. Actually I love the concept but dislike the rhythm of the word. Too clunky for my taste.
So alternative suggestion building off your idea - Skyline.
I think it sounds much cleaner and sharper, although I recognize that it's singular, and Skylines doesn't really make sense.


Not a bad idea at all, however it's already been done. Can't take the chance of annoying all those organically authentic grassroots types can we now. :D