Would You Want Dani Alves?


May 18, 2014
Enemy territory
Mods please feel free to move this thread. I read the "read before you post" thread but I was still unsure whether to place this topic here or the "supporter's discussion" forum.

Anyway, as most of you probably know, there has been some controversy regarding Barca and Alves and his contract.
Barca state his contract ends in June of 2015 and Alves is saying it ends in 2016. I've also read that Barca have no plans to extend his stay anyway and don't really see him as part of their near-future plans.

So, would you guys be in favor of a January move for Alves? Barca are going to have a long transfer ban and I'm sure they'd be looking to sell Alves and not lose him on a free.

I don't know the type of RBs that Kreis likes or the kind of RBs which thrive in his system but Alves is only 31 (will be 32 in May), he's great at getting forward and he seems to have a good sense of positioning and is an adequate defender.
Obviously I don't know how much he would be looking for but what do you guys think?
Would he be a good fit?
Absolutely would like him here. Just would depend on his price tag. Great pace and a solid defender. Would definitely fit the style of play that City are looking to implement here