Apr 8, 2014
Land of Tea and Crumpets
Did anyone watch LFC vs MCFC in the womens league? Weren't half bad, they aren't quite up to the mens standard yet, but they were rather impressive. although the Man City keeper made some bad mistakes, like kicking the ball straight out to Liverpool's striker!
Didn't see the game, but sounds like the women did rather well, especially since they were away against last season's winners, and ironically the club who are most spending their way to victory in the division.

As for Andie Worrall, I wouldn't be too harsh. She's coming into the winter of her career after climbing through the divisions with City and she was playing as the regular goalie took a long-term injury in pre-season, but come June or July she will probably be on the bench. Also she's a die-hard City fan and season ticket holder, and she's spoken about how proud she is to have made it this far for City, so I can't begrudge her getting the chance.
I am impressed with your knowledge of the Womens team, I have not got round to watching them yet.
I keep up on as much of this stuff as I can. I also maintain a Wikipedia article for the WSL for their 2014 season, which helps me keep on top of it all, but basically I just read any City news that comes up. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on newsnow, tracking all four CFG clubs.