Any Seating Observations From Fans At The Game Tonight?


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Jun 2, 2014
Looking for thoughts on 103/104 and how far away from the pitch the seats are on the third base side. Or anything at all, including any pictures.
I walked 103-105. Problem is the sideline billboards. Blocks too much play on the line.
What about 134, 135 and 136? Just as close as 014B but the seats are more elevated. And I like that its close to the supporters but I can still have my own seat. Those are the sections im eyeing.
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Anyone have any guesses what the resale value would be of tickets in the first rows if sections 126 or 127? I'm tempted to consider those seats because i think they may have a high resale value and i know i will have to sell tickets for any Sunday games. I've seen front row seats at midfield for red bull games listed for over $200 on stubhub. This section is kind of weird because it has the club section in front of it, so it would be the closest to midfield without paying up for Champions Club. Is anyone else considering those sections?
014B was high on my list, but 213 has become very's between these two for me. might go 2 and

What also makes sections 014A and 014B so appealing is that these are the luxury field seats for Yankees games, so the seats are the padded version and there's more leg room between the rows. No other regular sections have these seats.
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